We Have Moved to Posthumanitieshub.net


All content on this website is available on our new website at posthumanitieshub.net. It now serves as a secondary archive of Posthumanities Hub information and materials from Fall 2022 and earlier.

The Posthumanities Hub
The Posthumanities Hub is a feminist research group and a multi-university platform for more-than-human humanities, of many kinds.

The Hub was founded by Professor Cecilia Åsberg at Linköping University (LiU) in 2008 within the LiU Future Research Leader’s program. KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm hosted Åsberg’s guest professorship and the Hub 2018- spring 2021. Now we are back at LiU and re-connected to the Gender, nature, culture platform of Åsberg’s LiU chair. So rooted, yet the Hub flows – presently in the directions of OsloMet University (Åsberg’s international Prof II position) and KTH SEED (Sustainable Development and Environmental Engineering Department). However, this Hub remains a “zoo of posthumanities” (Halberstam & Livingston 1995:3), a home away from home for queer eco-feminist, creative and critical scholars from various corners of the world, across many universities and disciplines.

Bringing science and art to the humanities, the Hub has been a transformational force of the societally relevant, extra-disciplinary, super-networked, new humanities in Sweden and beyond since 2008. Over the years we have combined philosophy, arts and sciences with laboratory studies, academic activism and societal committment. Prof Åsberg and the Hub introduced feminist new materialisms, cyborg- or technohumanities, bio-/eco art and citizen humanities, medical and environmental humanities by way of feminist science studies, curiosity, critique, creativity and extra-academic collaboration.

The Posthumanities Hub, an incubator of ideas and inventive scholary practices, hosts itself now a few, mushrooming, multi-university sub-groups like Eco- and Bioart Lab (Director Dr Marietta Radomska) and Humus Economicus (Director Dr Janna Holmstedt). Read more About The Posthumanities Hub here >>

Our Points of Exit
We bring science and art into the humanities, and more-than-human humanities to the people!

The onto-methodological practices, travelling theories, networked existence and ethos of the Posthumanities Hub – where we bring the trouble “home” – can be strangely recognized in a poem from Ursula Le Guin’s book Always Coming Home. Read her poem and more on Our Points of Exit here >>

Advisory Board
Distinguished Professor Donna Haraway – also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of The Posthumanities Hub – provides an inspiring take on the need for scholars, activists and artists to move beyond humanism, anthropocentrism or what she (and Prof. Anna Tsing) call “human exceptionalism” in this film, view on Vimeo
We proudly present our Scientific Advisory Board here >>

Funding Agencies
Our research projects, events, networks and PhD/postdoc positions have been funded by, amongst others, the European Research Council (ERC StG), The Swedish Research Council (VR), Nordic Research Council for Humanities and Social Science (NOS-HS), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Canada (SSHRC), The Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development (Formas), The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra), Swedish foundation for humanities and social sciences (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, RJ), Åke Wiberg Foundation, Ragnar Holm Foundation, Nordisk Kulturfund, and others Read more here >>