Jesse Peterson (KTH)

Jesse Peterson

Jesse D. Peterson is a PhD candidate with the Environmental Humanities Laboratory located at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and forms part of the EU funded Marie Curie Innovative Training Network, Environmental Humanities for a Concerned Europe (ENHANCE). He holds an MSc in Environmental Humanities and an MFA in Poetry and Translation.

With research interests primarily focused on ecological change, culture, science and technology, and ethics, his work often draws from inter- and trans-disciplinary fields such as Environmental Humanities, Discard/Waste Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Cultural Studies, Posthumanities, Environmental History, Visual Ethnography, and Creative Writing.

Currently, his PhD research studies the global problem of cultural eutrophication—a form of ecological change characterized by nutrient pollution, algal blooms, and dead zones. Focusing on the Baltic Sea, this study attempts the first in-depth analysis of cultural eutrophication from a humanities perspective in order to identify values and meanings attached to water, nutrients, algae, and dead zones, argue for understanding the creation of waste as ecological rather than social, and develop alternative narratives among other aims.

He has taught or been a teaching assistant in over 20 courses in environmental history, gender and technology, literature, creative writing, rhetoric, and technical writing. In his spare time, he and some colleagues founded and produced the environmental humanities journal, saltfront. He has also been awarded various fellowships in addition to grants provided by the Seedbox for a writing workshop on environmental humanities and other organizations for field work and translation. Outside academia, Jesse has worked for non-profits and local government in the USA and abroad, having led and coordinated professional and volunteer projects on ecological rehabilitation, monitoring, and interpretation. He has also done permaculture design, revised city code, and acted as a writing coordinator for science and engineering students.


Environmental Humanities for a Concerned Europe (ENHANCE)

The Posthumanities Hub

European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture, and Environment


European Society for Environmental History (ESEH)

Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network

Association for Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada (ALECC)

Network in Canadian History and Environment (NICHE)


Publications (last 5 years)
Journal Articles & Chapters (peer reviewed)

“Are dead zones dead? Environmental collapse in popular media about eutrophication.” The Discourses of Environmental Collapse: Imagining the end. Ed. Alison Vogelaar, Brack Hale, and Alexandra Peat. April 20, 2018.

Crossing the Line: Death at the Equator.” GeoHumanities, Fall 2016.

Literary Contributions

“A Rushing Mighty Wind.” Breathing Stories: Utah Voices for Clean Air. Salt Lake City: Torrey House Press. 2018.

“I Saw You Running Home.” Capitalism, Nature, Socialism. 2018.

Three Strains from adamsongs. Summer. 2014.

“Aureliana Sky.” Saltfront. Salt Lake City, UT. October 2013.

“The High Risers.” Mapping SLC. Salt Lake City, UT. 2013.

“Trace Materials,” “Pharaoh’s Prayer,” and “Leisure for the Chase.” The Provo Canyon Review, vol. 1, issue 3, Fall 2013.

“Untitled – Notes.”  Handbook. Denmark. Summer, 2013.

 Editorials, and Blog posts

Peterson, Jesse; Allen, Irma; Valisena, Daniele; and Gough, Anne. “What if…? Redefining research impact from an environmental humanities perspective.” Transformative Humanities. KTH. Sep. 2018.

Peterson, Jesse. “Can Water Die?: Report on PhD mid-Seminar on Algal Blooms and the Baltic Sea.” WaterBlog@KTH: Reflect, Rethink, Refill. May 2018

Peterson, Jesse and Boutet, Jean-Sebastien. “The Interruptor: A (late) review of Learning to Die in the Anthropocene.” Transformative Humanities. Division of History of Science, Technology, and Environment. 2018.

Peterson, Jesse. “Undisciplined Discipline Writing Workshop.” ENHANCE Blog. 2017.

Peterson, Jesse and Zahara, Alex. “Anthropocene Adjustments: Discarding the Technosphere.” Discard Studies Blog. 26 May 2016.

Exhibitions & Workshops

“Nourish: a 360° Video Poem.” Umveltzschmerz. Deutsches Museum. Oct. 2018.

“The Sea Inside.” Land Lines & The Living Seas Centre. Flamborough Head, Sep. 2018.

“Dysmetria, mine.” Exhibition at Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Salt Lake City, UT. April 2014.



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